It’s About Trust

As former producers, we know that cultivators and manufacturers of cannabis and hemp products face some tough hurdles in the brave new world of legal cannabis and hemp products. Constantly changing regulations, steep taxes, and securing shelf space at retailers can make life challenging.

The biggest challenge is building your brand to win over new customers, and that takes trust. This is particularly true when consumers regularly see headlines about vape pen contamination and counterfeit black market products. We are part of an industry coming out of the shadows and establishing legitimacy among a new group of consumers who are less familiar with cannabis and hemp, more cautious, and much more attentive to quality and safety. With new products coming on the market every week, consumers will choose what they see as the highest quality brand, and quality starts with safety. The brands that succeed will be the ones that promise safety and can back up that promise with trusted data from an independent source.

We believe working with a lab is not just about complying with government regulations. We believe that lab test data has value for your customers. A good lab helps you know exactly what you are putting in your product and helps your customers know exactly what they are putting in their bodies. A good lab helps you promise transparency, quality and safety so customers trust you, become repeat buyers, and tell their friends about you. A good lab helps you deliver the good stuff, without the bad stuff.

That is our mission. We build trust between you and your customers.

Our Founders

Paul Connolly, CEO

Speaking of building trust, Paul launched a company that helped people with diabetes,  a life threatening condition, better control their health. Shortly after cannabis legalization in California, Paul helped introduce Seven Saints Superfoods, a line of low-sugar, nutrient-dense cannabis edibles for people who love edibles but are concerned about their health. For three decades, Paul has worked with technology that helps people solve a problem, and now he brings that expertise to the cannabis and hemp quality testing.

Ed Quattlebaum, PhD, Chief Science Officer

A life science PhD, Ed has deep expertise in both agricultural chemicals and microorganisms. He was Director of Development for Union Carbide Agricultural Products company, CEO of the second largest producer of beneficial microorganisms for insect control, CEO of one of the highest volume DNA testing labs, and ran a full service medical lab for a 700 bed hospital.

Mike Klasner, Director, Lab Resources

Mike has been helping cannabis producers deliver quality for over ten years. He has set up over 20 cannabis test labs since the early days of medical-only cannabis, written hundreds of cannabis test protocols, and achieved ISO certification for four labs.

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