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Submission Instructions

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What are the sample size requirements?

It is necessary that your sample size meets our minimum sample size requirements, which varies based on the type of test requested and the sample matrix being submitted.

Sample Size Requirements:

How should I prep my hemp sample for shipping?

Make sure flower is properly cured and hemp is milled.
Cannabis flower should be properly cured before shipping.
Raw hemp biomass should be properly cured and milled to ensure a homogenous representation of your sample.

Label EACH SAMPLE individually. Samples need to be properly labeled with the following information:

  • BATCH ID (optional)

Avoid leaks. Ensuring sample integrity while in transit will be important to avoid any shipping or testing delays. We recommend packaging your samples in a dual container system.

Primary Container

  • Place your sample in a suitable container based on your product matrix.
  • For glass containers, reinforce screw caps with adhesive tape.
  • Affix a proper label to clearly identify the contents.

Secondary Container

  • Use a watertight/leak-proof container or sealable mylar envelope. Reinforce the container using adhesive tape or heat seal.
  • If the integrity of your sample is compromised while in transit, we will request a replacement sample.

Besides my hemp samples, what should be included in my shipment?

  • Chain of Custody Form. The Apricot Analytics Chain of Custody form will help keep your samples organized and ensure that everything is processed in the most accurate manner possible. Please complete this form and include in your shipment.
  • Supporting Documentation. It is best to send any supporting documentation, like copies of a state license, that you may have with your samples. In the event that your package is selected for inspection en route to us, having any state or international cultivation/manufacturing licenses, or certificates of analysis, will expedite the release of your package. If registration is required under the hemp’s origin state, Apricot Analytics may request evidence of any registration or certification.