Give your customers the good stuff, without the bad stuff

Potency and safety testing for hemp and cannabis products.

Apricot AnalyticsTM is a full-service product quality lab for cannabis testing and CBD/hemp testing.
We test your products for the good stuff like THC and CBD concentrations and we help you identify any bad stuff like pesticides, mold, bacteria, and heavy metals.

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By Producers, For Producers

We understand the needs of cannabis and hemp producers because we were producers ourselves.

We know the challenges, the frustrations and dreams of cultivators and manufacturers.  We have felt the stress of waiting for test results, hoping all is well. We have worried about ever-changing regulations, concerned that we were in compliance. We understand how hard it is to stand out, get shelf space, and win the hearts and minds of consumers. We get it because we have been there, and we are here to help.

We Get It.

Accurate, reliable testing.

Proven science, premium equipment, rigorous methods, strict laboratory quality control and years of experience come together to deliver defensible data you can trust. We stand by our results and we stand by our customers. Your reputation becomes our reputation.

Fast turnaround times.

Fast is good, but predictable and consistent are better. We know the importance of a lab partner than can match your harvest and production schedules and we know the headaches that result from hollow turnaround time promises. We deliver what we promise or we don’t promise.

Superior customer service.

We have been on the customer side of the lab business so we know what you expect for superior customer service. From the moment you place an order, your product becomes our product. We’re not happy unless you’re happy.

Potency and safety testing for hemp and cannabis products.